Northwest Boat Sports, Inc.
As a proud member of the Correct Craft family, Supreme maintains the quality and heartpounding performance found in Centurion and Nautique. The top focus when designing and building a Supreme is maximizing value. Filter out the frills, fluff and swap fancy touch screens for switches and you have a concentrated dose of hard core surf and wake performance that is the 2020 Supreme line. Take a look at what Supreme has to offer and you will agree that the quality stands far above any other “value” boat, then get behind one and understand why they are renowned for having one of the best wakes in the world.

Northwest Boat Sports, Inc.

Boat Models

See the full 2020 line of Supreme boat models, explore the differences and find out which one you would most like to get behind.

Northwest Boat Sports, Inc.


From the convenience of the Quicksurf System to the huge, pounding waves generated by the Surftech V hull, every Supreme model is designed to take your experience on the water to a totally new level.

Northwest Boat Sports, Inc.


Take a closer look at the true quality that goes into every Supreme boat. The details on these boats are what truly set the line apart.

Northwest Boat Sports, Inc.

PCM Engines

This year PCM introduced the new line of Direct Injection engines – the most advanced towboat motors ever developed. Get the full details here.

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