2018 Supreme S224

2018 Supreme S224

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Only $59995!!! This 2018 Supreme S224 is a 22.5 v-drive wake, surf and ski boat that offers space for 11 riders and their gear, but comes in a manageable tow size. This affordable premium towboat is built entirely through the environmentally-friendly Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP). A strong, consistent performer, the S224 handles like a dream even when loaded to ride, thanks to its Modified Deep-v hull. With 2000 lbs. of available plug and play ballast, the S224 can throw amazing wakes that will satisfy everyone in your crowd. The new 2018 version will also ignite admiration for its attractive design. A strong performer, premium towboat in a manageable size at an affordable price – what else would you expect from a Supreme? Call, text, or e-mail today!

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