2019 Centurion Ri 237

2019 Centurion Ri 237

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With 5,100 lbs of ballast, the 2018 Centurion Ri237 already boasts the best waves, wakes and ride. Still, our engineers have found a way to improve the Ri237 by developing a completely new running surface. The new Opti-V hull creates exceptional balance with engineered triangular pads on the rear corners of the hull. The side-to-side balance creates a symmetrical wakeboard wake, but because there is less resistance on this running surface to deliver superior handling and 50% better fuel economy.

In addition to the all-new running surface, our engineers created an updated exterior look for the Ri237, which includes a new black-framed windshield and a black powder-coated tactical looking RAMFILL vent that is lower profile than earlier versions. This one is a looker, white and silver flake with black over silver cool touch Gatorstop flooring and loaded! New Power DropZone Tower with CoverFire Tower Speakers and BombShell Racks! Call, text, or e-mail today!

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